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Sauces, Oils & Vinegars

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You’ll find a large range of sauces, oils and other condiments such as mustards and mayonnaise. We also stock the popular Adjika, originating from the Caucasus region, made from red chili peppers. Careful though, it can be very spicy!

Olive oil Extra Virgin "Olivea", 1L
Mayonnaise “Majonez Dekoracyjny”, 400ml
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Salad mayonnaise “Majonez Salatkowy", 400ml
Vegetable sauce with Chinese chives, hot, 350ml
Horseradish Sauce "Sos Chrzanowy" Winiary 250ml
Olive Oil Extra Virgin "Olivea", 250ml
Refined sunflower oil, 1L
Mayonnaise "Olive", 400ml
Mayonnaise Provencal, 400ml
Ground radish "Chrzan tarty", 180g
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Grated horseradish with apple, 160g
Tomato sauce with horseradish "Na posashok" 314ml
Ketchup "Tomato", 270ml
Ketchup "Lecho", 270ml
Beetroot with horseradish "Cwikla z Chrzanem", 290g
Adjika from Georgia, 360g
Polish Mustard spicy, 165ml
Sauce Adjika delicate, 380g
Seasoning for soups, salads and sauces ‘Winiary’ 210ml
Paste "Adjika Classic", spicy-hot, 200g
Horseradish with beetroot, 200g
Spicy Horseradish "Stoloviy", 200g
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Adjika, spicy, Macheev, 127g
Russian mustard, hot, 160 ml
Mustard Spicy 120ml
Pudding powder with cream flavour "Winiary", 60g