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Our range of healthy and fresh produce include salads, vegetables, nuts, and teas. We maintain the freshness of these products instore, ready for purchase or delivery.

    Cabbage Sauerkraut with cranberries, "Moya Semya", 900g
    Olive oil Extra Virgin "Olivea", 1L
    Korean carrot salad, 350g
    Natural mineral water "Borjomi", 0.5L
    Almonds, organic, 250g
    Herbal Tea "Sage", 20 bags
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    Belyov Pastila with Blueberry, 180g
    Siberian pine nuts peeled, 100g
    Cabbage Sauerkraut with carrots "Moya Semya", 900g
    Cabbage Sauerkraut with apples, 900g
    Seaweed salad with carrot Korean style, 350g
    Cabbage with carrots, Polish Recipe, 650g
    Fermented Cucumbers "Moya Semya", 650g
    Fermented Green tomatoes "Moya Semya", 650g
    Sour cucumbers, Polish Recipe, 700g
    Hazelnuts, organic, 250g
    Olive Oil Extra Virgin "Olivea", 250ml
    Herbal Tea "Linden blossom", 20 bags
    Red beetroot juice concentrate, 200ml
    Julius Meinl Organic China Green Pure, 25 bags
    Julius Meinl Organic Asian Spirit Ginger Lemon Tea, 25 bags
    Natural mineral water "Borjomi", 1L
    Pomegranate loose "Red Crown", 110g in a cup
    Beetroot peeled and cooked, 500g
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    Belyov Pastila "Classic" natural, 100g
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    Belyov Pastila with Cherry, 180g
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    Belyov Pastila with Fruit cocktail, 100g
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    Belyov Pastila "Bashkiria" with honey, 100g
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    Meringue with Berries, 35g