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We have a wide and regularly changing selection of cakes. From the popular Kiev Cake, to the Praga, Marlenka or Medovik cakes from around the region. These famous patisserie cakes uphold ancient traditions, but are definitely not only for special occasions!

    Cake "Grilyazhnyi Roshen", 450g
    Cake "Kyiv", 450g
    Cake "Praga" with cream and chocolate filling, 520g
    Sold Out
    Cake "Napoleon" with Cream Filling, 550g
    Honey cake "Marlenka", 800g
    Cake "Marlenka" with cacao milk filling, 800g
    Eclairs with cream filling "Marlenka", frozen, 250g
    "Marlenka Napoleonki" Small puff pastries with cream filling, 300g
    Honey nuggets with cream filling "Marlenka", 235g