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Our cheese selection is wide and includes hard and soft cheeses, spreads, and sliced cheeses from all over Central and Eastern Europe. We have goat’s and sheep’s cheeses, and some with particularly unique flavours, including a favorite here - the smoked cheese braid.

    Goat cheese, Gazi, 750g
    Goat cheese "Mediterranean Style", 750g
    Sheep cheese "Mediterranean style", 720g
    Cheese Brynza "Svalya" 60%, 720g
    Pasta filata cheese "Suli-guli", Georgia, 45%, 400g
    Traditional Romanian cheese “Branza de Burduf”, 300g
    Sirguni 45% smoked cheese, 360g
    Hard cheese “Telemea a la Sibiu”, 300g
    Goat cheese 46%, 365g
    Cheese Brynza "Milochka", 480g
    Cheese "Adigejskiy osobiy" 45%, 400g
    Smoked cheese braid, 150g
    Cheese for grilling and frying, Gazi, 200g
    Smoked cheese roll "Mlekpol", 300g
    Goat cheese, 150g
    Goat cheese sliced, 100g
    Smoked cheese braid, 110g
    Semi-hard cheese "Klassicheskiy" 50%, 250g
    Sliced cheese "Svalya" 45%, 200g
    Baked milk cheese "Zolotaya Riga" 52% 180g
    Sliced Cheese Mazdamer, Mlekovita, 150g
    Sliced cheese "Ser Rajski", 150g
    Cream cheese with spring onions “Piatnica”, 150g
    Cream cheese natural "Piatnica", 150g
    Sliced cheese "Klassicheskiy" 50%, 150g
    Cheese spread with green onions 40%, 100g
    Cheese spread with mushrooms 40%, 100g
    Cheese spread “Gold Emmentaler” 40%, 100g