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Sunflower Seeds

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Full of nutrients and great for snacking, adding to salads or main dishes, we stock a variety of types of sunflower seeds. You’ll find a range of shelled, salted, and roasted varieties.

    Sunflower seeds "Ot Martina", roasted salted, 500g
    Sunflower seeds "Ot Martina", roasted, 500g
    Pumpkin seeds, shelled, 200g
    "Tambovsky volk BIG" roasted black sunflower seeds, 500g
    "Tambovsky volk" black salted seeds, 500g
    Sunflower seeds, shelled, 250g
    Sunflower seeds "Ot Martina" roasted, 300g
    "Ot Martina" Black salted sunflower seeds, 200g
    "Ot Martina" black roasted seeds, 200g
    "Tambovsky volk" black roasted seeds, 230g