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It is no secret that Central and Eastern Europe are very well known for their sweets and in particular chocolates. We are very proud of our big chocolate range, both in assortments boxes as well as open chocolates, wrapped by the piece – there is really something for every chocolate lover. Some highlights are “Ptichje Molako” (marshmallow inside), Plums in chocolate, Chcolate Truffels, Halva or

Likewise popular are Gingerbreads, they also come in a wide range of flavours – including cherry, milk or vanilla. We also have a big choice of waffles and waffle bars, from various countries.

Our Ice Cream selection is also in big demand all year round, the classical chocolate or cream taste in waffle cups, or the ice cream “brick” and “sandwich”.

Finally, we also always carry a big range of Zephyr, very much like a marshmallow, with its typical pillowy consistence, in a number of different tastes - some of them also with a chocolate coating.

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