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The star of our frozen section, and a favorite and cornerstone of much of Eastern Europe’s cuisines. Fillings include a range of meats, but also vegetarian-friendly, including cream cheese or potato. We also stock sweet dumplings, including our favorite - cherry.

    Dumplings "My Family", frozen, 1.5 kg
    Dumplings with lamb, beef, turkey "Kazahstanskie", frozen, 1.5kg
    "Siberian Pelmeni" hand made dumplings pork and beef, frozen, 1kg
    Halal dumplings with beef, "Caucasian", frozen, 1kg
    Dumplings "I love Pelmeni" with chicken filling, frozen, 1kg
    Dumplings with pork and beef, "Zastolnie", Golden Collection, frozen, 1kg
    Halal dumplings "Caucasus" with potato filling, frozen, 1kg
    Ukrainian dumplings, 750g
    Dumplings with cabbage, frozen, 800g
    Hinkali with beef, lamb, frozen, 750g
    Wareniki with potato and mushrooms, frozen, 600g
    Dumplings with Turkey filling, frozen, 450g
    Dumplings "Siberian" with pork and beef, frozen, 500g
    Dumplings (wareniki) with strawberries, frozen, 500g
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    Dumplings (wareniki) with cream cheese, frozen, 450g
    Dumplings (Wareniki) with cherry, frozen, 500g