Fish & Caviar

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We are very proud of our wide range of fish and caviar. One of our best selling products are the
Herrings from “Santa Bremor”, they come in many tastes and sizes, in oil, in herbs, lightly smoked or
in the special Bochkovaya brine.

We always have a good selection of dried fish, too, which is changing regularly – it includes for example Roach, Bream, Halibut, Salmon trout or the also very popular headless Mackerel.

Our range of canned fish is also very wide, we recently added “Dobroflot” as one of our suppliers –
the wide choice includes sprats, cod liver, herrings, mackrels and more.

As to Caviar, we have the finest Osetra Caviar in several sizes, and a number of different Salmon
Caviars, including the Keta and Gorbusha options.

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