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Sooshki (Breadring)

8 products

A staple in many eastern European countries, Sooshki – small, crunchy bread rings – are widely enjoyed either as a snack, with a dip or spread, or as a treat with a tea or coffee. Coming in a variety of flavors, they can be savoury or sweet.

    Breadrings (Sooshki) "Kapelyushki", mustard, 250g
    Breadrings (Sooshki) "Kapelyushki", mini with vanilla flavour, 250g
    Sooshki (Breadrings) Chelnochok "Flora", 300g
    Sooshki (Breadrings) "Flora", vanilla, 300g
    Breadrings (Sooshki) "Our beloved ones", vanilla, 270g
    Sooshki (Breadrings) glazed with poppy, 180g
    Breadsticks "Rye", 150g
    Breadrings (Sooshki) "Malyutka", vanilla, 180g