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Ready Meals

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We have a wide range of frozen ready meals, easily prepared in minutes regardless of how kitchen-savvy you are! From chicken Corden Bleu or schnitzel to nuggets and pancakes, we’ve familiar brands from across the region.

    Classic "Sirniki" Homemade with cottage cheese 8pcs
    Chicken Cordon Bleu with ham and cheese, frozen, 405g
    Chicken "Po-kievski", frozen, 360g
    Chicken nuggets with ham, frozen, 300g
    Chicken nuggets with cheese, frozen, 300g
    Pancakes (Blini) with cherry, frozen, 360g
    Pancakes (Blini) "Homemade", frozen, 400g
    Chicken nuggets, frozen, 250g
    Chicken nuggets "Classic", frozen, 300g
    Chicken Popcorn, frozen, 360g
    Chicken nuggets "Detskie" (mini), frozen, 250g