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Canned Fish

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We stock a wide range of canned fish. We recently added Dobroflot as one of our suppliers, who source sprats, cod liver, herrings, and mackerel amongst many other varieties.

    Gourmet smoked fish caviar, 165g
    Gourmet fish caviar with salmon, 165g
    Pollack caviar "Dalnevostochnaya", 130g
    Sardinops Herring Fish in oil, 245g
    Pacific herring in own juice, Dobroflot, 250 g
    Herring (Salaka), 450g
    Whole sprats from Northeast Atlantic, 500g
    Delicacy caviar with shrimps, 180g
    Delicacy caviar "Classic", 180g
    Atlantic herring fillet-pieces "Seledochka k kartoshke" dill in oil, 350g
    Cod liver natural, 240g
    Greater Argentine Fish, fried in Greek sauce, 200g
    Cod liver pate with cod roe (16%), 125g
    Cod liver in oil, 190g
    Salmon fillets in mustard sauce, 120g
    Salmon meatballs in tomato sauce 205g
    Sprats in oil with a transparent lid, 160g
    Salmon pieces in own juice, 245g
    Canned sprats in oil, 190g
    Cod liver in oil, 120g
    Smoked sprats in oil, 160g
    Pate from smoked sprats, 160g
    Canned sprats in oil, 160g
    Pacific saury in oil, 245g
    Pink salmon, 245g
    Sprat in tomato sauce, 240g
    Large smoked sprats in oil headless gutted,160g
    Pacific sardine smoked in oil, 210g