Dairy & Cheese

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We are proud to have the biggest selection of Dairy & Cheese from Central and Eastern Europe in Singapore.

Our choices includes Kefir, Cottage cheese, Sour cream, Crème fraiche, Cream cheese, Ryazhenka, Ayran and Butter. In particular for Cottage cheese we offer you numerous different types, not just different brands, but also different fat content (from 0.5% up to 50%) and various degrees of granularity – which is important for cooking and baking.

As to Cheese, our selection is wide as well, hard and soft cheeses, spreads, sliced cheeses. Some are from goat and sheep’s milk, others have unique flavours – for example the popular and well known smoked cheese braid.

Finally, we also have a good range of Curd Cheese Bars – small, healthy snacks, full of Protein, in various tastes, some of them with chocolate cover.

To make sure our Dairy is always fresh for you, we fly it in straight from Europe, temperature controlled. We offer you the most trusted brands like Svalya, Milochka, Moya Semya, Piatnica, Peynoos and others.

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