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The biggest part of our pantry section are “Zakuski”, vegetable appetizers. Eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, zucchini, cabbage, carrots, red beet – the list of ingredients is long, but
eggplants are probably the one where we have the most variants of. Many different tastes you can
find here, some more spicy than others. Then we have a wide selection of sauces, starting with the
popular “Adjika” (from spicy to very spicy), or also horseradish, mustard or mayonnaise.

Buckwheat has always been the star in our selections of grains, which we have from all the big
brands, also in the popular cooking bags. But there are other grains as well, like peas, bulgur or

Beyond that, we have a number of sunflower seeds, salted or roasted or both, also pumpkin seeds.
Various pasta types, including “Beshbarmak”, various ready-made soups, a big choice of spices and seasonings for all kind of dishes.

And on the sweet side, various kinds of honey, jams and fruit preserves, as well as condensed milk.

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