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Dry Fish

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There is always a strong selection of dried fish, which changes regularly. We frequently stock dried roach, bream, halibut, salmon trout, and the very popular headless mackerel. You’ll also find the popular snack-packs of dried fish – our favorite snack with a drink or two!

    Bream (Abramis brama) with head, dried and salted, cleaned, 300-400g
    Dried river perch, 300g
    Pike Astrakhan, salted and dried, 250g
    Snack of Pacific cod in strips, with sesame, dried and salted 36g
    Snack from yellowstripe scad, dried and salted, 36g
    Spicy Snack of Pacific cod in strips, dried and salted, 36g
    Dried smelt snack, 36g
    Snack from golden thereadfin Bream fillets, dried and salted, 36g
    Snack from spotted Bigeye salted and dried, 36g
    Dry squid rings, 36g
    Snack from greater lizardfish (bychok), dried and salted, 36g
    Dry squid, strips, dried and saltet 36g
    Dried Anchovy, 36g