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We take great pride in our wide range of fish. One of our best selling products are Santa Bremor herrings, of which we have many flavors; in oil, herbs, lightly smoked, or in the very special Bochkovaya brine. We also have a regularly-changing selection of dried or cold smoked fish.

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Greenland halibut cold-smoked, approx. 500g
Smoked salmon fillet-portion, 200 g
Pike Astrakhan, salted and dried, 250g
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Headless Mackerel, salt cold smoked, approximately 400g
Smoked salmon fillet-slices, 100 g
Rainbow Trout, smoked, fillet slices, 100g
Atlantic herring fillet "Maties - Original" in oil, 500g
Atlantic herring fillet-pieces "Seledochka k kartoshke", smoke flavor in oil, 500g
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Herring fillet pieces slightly salted in oil, 350g
Herring (Salaka), 450g
Whole sprats from Northeast Atlantic, 500g
Delicacy caviar with shrimps, 180g
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Herring fillet pieces, "Russkoe More", in oil, 200g
Atlantic herring fillet "Maties - XXL selected - Olive", in olive oil, 300g
Atlantic herring fillet-pieces "Seledochka k kartoshke" dill in oil, 350g
Pacific Herring, lightly salted, 1 piece 400g
Atlantic herring fillet "Maties - XXL selected" in oil, 300g
Atlantic herring fillet-pieces lightly salted "Matias XXL selected" in oil, 200 g
Atlantic herring "Maties - Original" in oil, 250g
Salmon fillets in mustard sauce, 120g
Spread "Antarctic Krill classic", 150g
Smoked sprats in oil, 160g
Pate from smoked sprats, 160g
Fried sprats in tomato sauce, 240 g