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    Greenland halibut cold-smoked, approx. 500g
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    Lightly salted salmon fillet-portion, 200g
    Bream (Abramis brama) with head, dried and salted, cleaned, 300-400g
    Dried river perch, 300g
    Pike Astrakhan, salted and dried, 250g
    Headless Mackerel, salt cold smoked, approximately 400g
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    Vobla "Astrakhan" (Roach), dried, 4 pieces, approx. 200g
    Rainbow Trout, smoked, fillet slices, 100g
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    Lightly salted salmon fillet-slices, 100g
    Atlantic herring fillet ''Maties - Original" in oil, 500g
    Atlantic herring fillet-pieces "Seledochka k kartoshke", smoke flavor in oil, 500g
    Herring fillet pieces slightly salted in oil, 350g
    Cod caviar "Luxury", 130g
    Delicacy caviar with shrimps, 180g
    Delicacy caviar "Classic", 180g
    Atlantic herring fillet "Maties - XXL selected - Olive", in olive oil, 300g
    Atlantic herring fillet-pieces "Seledochka k kartoshke" dill in oil, 350g
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    Herring fillet "Bochkovaya", lightly salted, 230g
    Herring fillet without skin "Iz Bochki" from North Atlantic, 200g
    Pacific Herring, lightly salted, 1 piece 400g
    Atlantic herring fillet "Maties - XXL selected" in oil, 300g
    Fine cream with herring, cod liver and onions, 140g
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    Atlantic herring fillet-pieces lightly salted "Matias XXL selected" in oil, 200 g
    Atlantic herring ''Maties - Original" in oil, 250g
    Atlantic herring fillet ''Santa Bremor'' with dill in oil, 240g
    Salmon fillets in mustard sauce, 120g
    Atlantic herring fillet ''Maties'' with smoke flavor in oil, 250g
    Spread "Antarctic Krill classic", 150g