Meat & Sausage

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The strong cultural traditions of Central and Eastern Europe probably come out best at the countries’
meat and sausage dishes. Not only that they are very popular across the region generally, there is a
big diversity, with each country having its own varieties and ways of preparation.

Our biggest sellers are all kind of salami style sausages, varying in taste, spiciness and granularity
depending on their country of origin. Another popular sausage is the “Doktorskaya”, which likewise has traditions across various countries, and is a dish for itself as well as an ingredient for various
dishes. Plus, we have a good variety of Kabanossi, dried thin sausages, perfect for snacks. We also
have cured meats like speck or lard, also in various kinds.

We also have several sausages which are “halal” certified. There is also a growing number of chicken
products, including sausages.

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