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Anna’s Gourmet is offering you a very wide choice of drinks from Central and Eastern Europe in
Singapore. Starting with wine, we have a number of Georgian wines for you, of course white and red
ones, from sweet and semi-sweet to dry, but also the very special amber and Qvevri wines, made
according to old Georgian tradition in clay vessels buried under ground.

Our choice of liqueurs of course reflects the rich traditions of Central and Eastern Europe. We offer
you vodka from Russia, Ukraine and Poland; brandies from Armenia and Azerbaijan and several other specialty liqueurs.

Kvass also is part of the cultural heritage of the region – the fermented drink is known for its
refreshing powers. Georgia’s Borjomi mineral water has been another favorite of our customers for
long time – very special with its peculiar taste as well as health benefits.

Finally, we have a strong assortment of coffee and tea, among others from “Julius Meinl”, one of the
oldest coffee roasters of the world, since 1862.

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