Fish & Caviar

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    Osetra Caviar "Imperial", 125g
    Osetra Caviar "Imperial", 57g
    Salmon Caviar "Krasnoe Zoloto", 300g
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    Salmon Caviar "Kamchatka" (Gorbusha), 200g
    Salmon Caviar "Keta", 125g
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    Salmon Caviar "Traditional", 200g
    Keta Salmon Caviar "Russkiy Vkus", 120g
    Osetra Caviar "Imperial", 28,6g
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    Salmon Caviar "Kamchatka" (Gorbusha), 100g
    Salmon Caviar "Traditional", 100g
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    Salmon Caviar "Krasnoe Zoloto", 95g
    Cold smoked Forelle (salmon trout), approx 300g
    Bream (Abramis brama) with head, dried and salted, cleaned, 300-400g
    Dried river perch, 300g
    Catfish steaks, frozen, 800g
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    Headless Mackerel, salt cold smoked, approximately 400g
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    Atlantic herring fillet ''Maties - Original" in oil, 500g
    Surimi shrimp imitation, 320g
    Gourmet smoked fish caviar, 165g
    Gourmet fish caviar with salmon, 165g
    Herring fillet pieces slightly salted in oil, 350g
    Cod caviar "Luxury", 130g
    Pollack caviar "Dalnevostochnaya", 130g
    Sardinops Herring Fish in oil, 245g
    Pacific herring in own juice, Dobroflot, 250 g
    Seaweed salad with carrot Korean style, 350g
    Fine cream with cod roe and smoked salmon, 150g
    Fine cream with cod roe and prawns, 150g
    Delicacy caviar with shrimps, 180 g