Waffles "Artek", 130g

Waffles "Artek", 130g

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Delicate crispy Artek wafers from the Rot Front factory are a legendary delicacy loved by several generations of sweet teeth.

Light five-layer wafers stuffed with cocoa powder. A wonderful recipe from the Kharkiv confectionery factory, which remains original in many markets. Crispy wafers, excellently fried in quantity with chocolate filling, will definitely not leave you indifferent to a certain product! An oriental version of the well-known snack, ideally combined with coffee and tea.

Ingredients: Sugar, confectionery fat, premium wheat flour, cocoa powder, whole milk powder, sunflower oil, potato starch, skimmed milk powder, phosphatide concentrate, salt, flavouring, baking powder - sodium bicarbonate.

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