Stolichnaya, Sever Special Soft Vodka, 0.5l

Stolichnaya, Sever Special Soft Vodka, 0.5l

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Country – Russia
ABV – 40%
Bottle size – 0.5l

Stolichnaya Sever was launched in 2014 in honour of Saint-Petersburg, 
which Russians consider their northern maritime capital. Sever means 
“north”, referencing its northern origins.

It is distilled in line with classic vodka technology and only high-quality 
ingredients are used in its production. A grain spirit is distilled from a 
mix of select wheat and rye, and diluted with specially prepared 
artesian spring water from the north.

Sugar syrup and natural honey are then used to impart the special 
softness and velvety taste that this vodka is known for.

Stoli vodkas are often amongst the world’s highest sold vodkas and are
highly appreciated by connoisseurs, bartenders and casual drinkers 

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