Nemiroff, Original Vodka Limited Edition, 0.7l

Nemiroff, Original Vodka Limited Edition, 0.7l

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Country – Ukraine
ABV – 40%
Bottle size – 0.7l

All Nemiroff vodkas are made from grain alcohol using rectification, 
resulting in a light, neutral taste.

The Nemiroff Original Vodka undergoes nine stages of filtration to 
ensure purity and quality. It features a strong flavor, with warming 
cumin and natural honey leaving a soft, slightly bitter aftertaste.

Nemiroff takes its name from Nemyriv vodka, which dates back to 
1752. In 1872 the Nemiroff distillery opened and was innovative for the 
time in using grain instead of raw potatoes to produce the alcohol.

Nemiroff is now one of the world’s largest alcohol producers, with 
products sold in over 80 countries and winning multiple awards for 
their vodkas.

This limited edition features a gift box with shot glasses.

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