Khortytsa, Platinum Vodka, 0.5l

Khortytsa, Platinum Vodka, 0.5l

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Country – Ukraine
ABV – 40%
Bottle size – 0.5l

Khortytsa Platinum Vodka is one of the distillers’ premium vodkas.

It is made exclusively from bread grain - selected wheat with a blend of 
rye and barley. Purified artesian water and the organic local filter 
containing the natural mineral schungite, gives this unique blend its 
clean taste.

The filtration process is further enhanced with quartz sand, and 
charcoal from special birch and alder trees.

Khortytsa is a gold-award-winning brand, with their vodkas consistently 
ranking among the Top 3 best-selling vodkas worldwide, according to 
Drinks International Magazine.

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