Żubrówka, Biala Vodka, 0.5l

Żubrówka, Biala Vodka, 0.5l

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Country – Poland
ABV – 40%
Bottle size – 0.5l

Żubrówka Biala is an authentic Polish vodka that draws its purity from 
the snowy forest of Białowieża, one of the coldest and most unspoiled 
places in Poland.

Winter rye - a rare and high-quality grain - combined with 7 distillations 
and platinum filtration gives Żubrówka Biala a smooth and pristine 

Creamy, precise, and ever so slightly spicy, this is a high quality vodka, 
perfect for making cocktails or drinking neat.

The name Biala comes from the Polish word for white.

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