Russian Caviar House, Osetra Imperial Caviar, 28.6g

Russian Caviar House, Osetra Imperial Caviar, 28.6g

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Country of Origin – Russia
Weight – 1oz/28.6g
Grain size – 2-3 mm

Harvested from rare Osetra sturgeon of 15 years old or more, this black 
caviar is of the highest grade. Less than 10% of Russian Osetra caviar 
is given the Imperial title.

The eggs range from dark grey to a warm brown color and are usually 
glossy with a semi-translucent eggshell appearance.

This Osetra Imperial caviar delivers a pure, fresh taste with a little 
bitterness, and a perfect creamy and nutty aftertaste. Each jar contains 
caviar from a single fish.

Russian Caviar House’s commitment to quality and sustainable 
practices has solidified their position globally as one of the leading 
producers of black caviar.

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