Osetra Caviar "Imperial", 28,6g

Osetra Caviar "Imperial", 28,6g

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Caviar of the highest grade. Every jar contains Caviar from a single fish.

IMPERIAL’s distinctive feature is that it is harvested from 15 y.o. (or older) species. Gourmets surely know that the older the fish is the more valuable the delicacy.

This caviar has a special smooth, silky texture and the eggshell may be so gentle that it just melts in your mouth at the slightest touch. IMPERIAL offers an exquisite, particularly saturated, pure and fresh taste, just a touch bitter, with a pefect creamy and nutty aftertaste. Medium to large grain, size varies from 2 to 3 mm. Color ranges from dark grey to brownish. Glossy, with semi-translucent eggshell.

Shelf life - 12 month

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