Eggplant caviar Domashnjaya, 380g

Eggplant caviar Domashnjaya, 380g

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Eggplant caviar - a 100% natural product that, with its traditional taste, can bring you back to childhood for a moment. 

Caviar is made from domestic seasonal vegetables - eggplant, carrots, onions with the addition of tomato paste, spices and salt. Only fresh and natural ingredients are used. Eggplant caviar is a dietary dish. Eggplant caviar is very tender and pleasant in taste. Suitable for sandwiches, and also goes well with potatoes, pasta, rice, buckwheat, meat and poultry. Caviar is a tasty, appetizing and healthy snack for every day and a worthy dish for a festive feast.

Ingredients: fried eggplant, fresh sweet pepper, tomato paste, sunflower oil, sugar, salt, garlic

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