Cheese Brynza "Milochka", 480g

Cheese Brynza "Milochka", 480g

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Brynza - real natural cheese (feta), which is perfect for a summer salad. The cheese has a pleasant milky taste and delicate texture. Brynza is ideal for preparing Greek salad, pastries, dishes of Caucasian cuisine. 

Brynza Cheese is also added to scrambled eggs, omlette, pasta and pizza

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, edible salt, sourdough of freeze-dried cultures, milk-clotting enzyme preparation of microbial origin. No ripening process. Nutritional value per 100g of product: proteins 11.8g, fats 15.5g, carbohydrates 2.6g. Energy value per 100g of product: 818 kJ / 197 kcal. Does not contain sucrose. does not contain GMOs.

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