Russian Standard, Original Vodka, 0.5l

Russian Standard, Original Vodka, 0.5l

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Country – Russia
ABV – 40%
Bottle size – 0.5l

Russian Standard only use hand-picked Russian winter wheat from the 
Russian Steppes, and glacial water from Lake Ladoga, combing to 
make for an elegant and refined vodka.

Its combination of traditional wheat taste, and remarkable clarity from 
the soft glacial waters, make Russian Standard Original a perfect vodka 
to sip neat, or as your preferred spirit for a long drink.

The dramatic bottle design is inspired by the Peter the Great Bell Tower 
in the heart of Moscow, and its heritage inspired by the work of 
Russia’s most famous scientist, Dmitri Mendeleev. Now it is produced 
in their ultra-modern distillery in St. Petersburg.

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