About Anna’s Gourmet

About Anna’s Gourmet

Welcome to Anna’s Gourmet!

You may have known us from when we were still “bublik”, but now we are happy to welcome you at “Anna’s Gourmet”. Bublik had seen a few stages and different names in its history in Singapore already, and now time has come for its next chapter – which will be bigger.

For us at Anna’s Gourmet now the mission is to, very simply put, still give you everything which bublik had, plus more!

That means, first of all, that we will still have all the food and drink specialities from Central and Eastern Europe, which you have been enjoying from us so far. And we will of course continue, as we have done already, to work on enlarging the choices of food and drinks we bring to Singapore.

Our Anna’s promise for you:
  • Same day delivery, every day, and in-store.
  • We offer a wide range of products, high quality & the best brands.
  • We give you rewards for your loyalty, and more, with our “Gourmet Family” program.

We also put emphasis on creating an even more sustainable business, with a number of initiatives, which include paper packaging, waste reduction in the shop, and optimized delivery. Also when sourcing products for you, we always prefer glass jars, for example, which are not just more friendly to the environment, they also allow you to re-seal easily or re-use the jar by yourself.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram and sign up for our newsletter for regular updates. Please do reach out to us for any feedback you have, products you would like us to bring or any other good ideas.

We work hard to be your place in Singapore for all food and drinks from Central and Eastern Europe.

Anna Jaeger and the team