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We proudly stock the largest selection of dumplings in Singapore. Our range include meat, potato, cabbage, and cream cheese, but also fruits. You’ll also see a great choice of ready-made chicken meals.

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    Пельмени "Моя семья", 1,5 кг
    "Пельмени Казахстанские" с бараниной , замороженные,1,5кг
    Halal dumplings with beef, "Caucasian", frozen, 1kg
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    Halal dumplings "Caucasus" with potato filling, frozen, 1kg
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    Dumplings with cabbage, frozen, 800g
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    Хинкали с говядиной и бараниной, замороженные, 750г
    Wareniki with potato and mushrooms, frozen, 600g
    Dumplings with Turkey filling, frozen, 450g
    Пельмени "Сибирские" со свининой и говядиной, замороженные, 500г
    Chicken "Po-kievski", frozen, 360g
    Sea Buckthorn Berries, frozen, 500g
    Cranberry, frozen, 500g
    Black currant, frozen, 500g
    Dumplings (Wareniki) with cherry, frozen, 500g
    Cowberry, frozen, 500g
    Pancakes (Blini) "Homemade", frozen, 400g
    Pancakes (Blini) with cherry, frozen, 360g
    Pitted Cherries, frozen, 300g
    Chicken nuggets, frozen, 250g
    Mixed fruits cocktail, frozen, 300g
    Strawberries, frozen, 300g