Fresh & Organic

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It is important for us to offer you healthy and fresh products – that includes salads, vegetables, nuts and teas.

For example the cucumbers, cabbage and salads we offer as “fresh & organic” come with very limited preservation used, we bring them chilled to maintain their freshness.

A very popular highlight of our “fresh & organic” section is the Pomegranate, one of the healthiest fruits of all, which we bring fresh from Azerbaijan –though it is a seasonal fruit, which is not available the whole year. But we have Pomegranate nectar, also.

Likewise worth mentioning is “Borjomi” mineral water from Georgia – which is known for its unique taste and its health benefits – a result of its high mineral content and its antioxidants. All of them are good for maintaining overall health and wellbeing.

In addition, we have a selection of nuts, olive oils and green and herbal teas (both teas from “Julius Meinl” and “Herbapol”).

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