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    Lavash, thin flatbread, 360g
    Raw smoked sausage, smoked and air-dried, spicy, 300g
    Cake "Kyiv", 450g
    Pomegranate loose "Red Crown", 110g in a cup
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    Cheese spread “Gold Emmentaler” 40%, 100g
    Pork ham, smoked on cherry, approx. 550-600g
    Smoked Polish sausage "Senatorska", approx. 600g
    Ukrainian dumplings, 750g
    Kvass with rye malt 1.5l
    Kvass "Danilo Pochmelny", 2L
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    Kvass "Danilo classic", 2L
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    Crunchy bread "Zernovoe" with seeds, 610g
    'Fasolka" Breton style beans, "Kuchnia Staropolska", 500g
    Salted cucumbers "Ogoreczki kiszone", 800g
    Herring fillets in a creamy sauce, onions, cucumbers, apples, 250g
    Lavash flatbread, ready to eat, 270g
    Raspberry flavoured syrup, 0.42L
    Polish Kabanossy "Tarcyznski Extra", dried, 130g
    Kabanossy sausage chicken, "Tarczynski", 200g (Gluten free)
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    Vobla "Astrakhan" (Roach), dried, 4 pieces, approx. 200g
    Delicacy caviar "Classic", 180g
    Atlantic herring fillet "Maties - XXL selected - Olive", in olive oil, 300g
    Buns “Golosini”, 200g
    Cookies “Ushki”, 350g
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    Kefir “Polski” 2%, 1L
    Waffle Bar “Grzeski”, cocoa cream, 36g
    Mustard Russian Style, 165ml
    Mayonnaise “Majonez Dekoracyjny”, 250ml
    Sour Rye Soup “Zurek domowy”, 370ml