Anna’s Gourmet - Still everything which bublik had, but more!

Dear friends
Today is an exciting day for me and for our team, because we are taking forward.
Bublik has seen a few stages and different names in its history in Singapore already, and now it has become time for its next chapter – which will be bigger.

From today, all is new on the outside: “Anna’s Gourmet” is our new name, with a fresher look and a more convenient and better website for you.
On the inside, we still have all the food and drink specialties from Central and Eastern Europe, which you have been enjoying from us so far. All that doesn’t change.

Also practically, the accounts you created at the bublik website continue to work. The loyalty points or vouchers you have collected in “bublik family” remain valid as well – by the way, the program is now called “Gourmet Family”. And, of course: We still deliver same day, every day (not many speciality grocery stores do that, in Singapore), and the store is open 12-19hrs, every day.

Thank you for your trust and loyalty so far, for being with us on bublik’s journey forward - we are happy to your place for all food and drinks from Central and Eastern Europe.

See you soon and all the best, Anna

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