Ikroff, Kamchatka Original Salmon Caviar, 100g

Ikroff, Kamchatka Original Salmon Caviar, 100g

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Country of Origin – Russia
Weight – 3.5oz/100g
Grain size – 3-4 mm

Caught in the Kamchatka peninsula, this caviar is produced by the 
Gorbusha – or pink – salmon. It is one of the smallest, yet most 
abundant of the salmon varieties used for red caviar.

Kamchatka salmon caviar has a rich orange-red color and a spicy taste, 
with a subtle bitter aftertaste.

Often used decoratively for sushi given its bright coloring, it is more 
widely consumed on toast or blinis to make the most of the unique 
spiciness on the palate.

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