Żubrówka, Bison Grass Vodka, 0.5l

Żubrówka, Bison Grass Vodka, 0.5l

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Country – Poland
ABV – 37.5%
Bottle size – 0.5l

Żubrówka Bison Grass Vodka is a lightly flavored vodka with a unique 
twist - a blade of bison grass is added to every bottle.

It offers a clean taste with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and almond and 
the bison grass imparts a subtle but distinctive fresh-cut grass flavor. 
The grass itself is sourced from the Białowieża Forest.

The name “Żubrówka” comes from the term “zubr”, which means 
European bison in many Slavic and Baltic languages.

While the recipe is claimed to date back as far as the 14th century, 
commercial production of Bison Grass Vodka began at the distillery in 

Now it is one of the biggest selling vodka brands globally.

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